3 Reasons NOT to Wait Until Spring to Buy a Home

3 Reasons NOT to Wait Until Spring to Buy a Home 

Though spring-time is one of the busiest home buying seasons, there’s actually quite a few benefits to selling in the winter time. Here’s 3 reasons not to wait until spring to sell your home.

1.) Less Competition: The good thing about buying a home during the wintertime is that there are typically fewer home buyers to compete against compared to the peak spring housing market. With less competition, home prices are generally lower in the winter time.

2.) More Flexible Sellers:  Because the market tends to slow down in the winter, many sellers also hold off on listing their homes unless they absolutely have to and are typically more open to striking a deal. So typically homes on the market tend to be sellers that have urgency to sell. Either their being relocated or possible going through a divorce, they have a genuine motivation to sell, and may be more negotiable when it comes to accepting your offer.

3.) Quicker Closings: Since the mortgage and title companies tend to be less busy in the winter, you’ll be able to take advantage of a quicker and likely smoother closing, which will put keys in your hand sooner than expected. You may even get a better deal on closing costs. Because there’s less buyers in the winter, loan offices may be more likely to fight for your business because they too are slow. Which means even more savings for you.

If you’re in the market to buy a home in Phoenix this winter, please contact the Voss Team today! We have the reputation, experience and local knowledge you need to find the right property and you’ll receive the personal attention you deserve while navigating the real estate process!

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