3 Ways to Know if You Have Good Buyer Etiquette

3 Ways to Know if You Have Good Buyer Etiquette

Man gives a woman the keys to a new home. Chrome pedant with house shape
Man gives a woman the keys to a new home. Chrome pedant with house shape

Believe it or not, good etiquette doesn’t just apply to practicing polite behavior at parties and other social gatherings. It can also apply to buying a home as well, especially when you’re on the search for the perfect Phoenix home. If you’ve ever been a seller, hosted an open house, or worked with an agent, then you’ve been in situations that require a certain social civility. Do you have good buyer etiquette? Ask yourself these three questions to find out:

1.) Do you know what you’re looking for?

If you’re looking to buy, but have absolutely no idea what you want, you’re going to waste a lot of time viewing spaces that may not fit your needs. Take the time to identify exactly what you want before you and your agent hoof it to view properties. How many bedrooms do you want? Do you want a single story or a two-story? Having a list of what you’re looking for will save everyone time.

2.) Do you criticize while you browse?

If you walk into a seller’s house that you’re not crazy about, hold your tongue. They still call it their home and definitely won’t appreciate you calling their look dated or complaining about the lack of space. Criticizing a property during the tour is in bad taste and you never know who could be listening. If you end up in a multiple offer situation, you don’t want the seller to choose another buyer because they heard you badmouth their home.

3.) Do you take pictures while you tour?

In an age where most everyone has a smart phone, it may seem like no big deal to snap a photo or make a quick video to show your friends and family how your home search is going. But in many cases, the homes you are viewing are still someone’s private residence and they may not appreciate having it photographed or shared. Always ask permission to take photos or video of the house.

Practicing good buyer etiquette towards sellers, their agents, and your REALTOR® is easy. Just remember to be respectful and practice common courtesy when you’re in someone else’s home, even if you’re not exactly thrilled with what you see. If you’re ready to put that good buyer etiquette to the test and buy a home in Phoenix, then contact The Voss Team today!

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