What Dog Owners Can Expect When Moving to Phoenix

What Dog Owners Can Expect When Moving to Phoenix

Many residents of the state of Arizona came to the area as a result of the military or a convention or relatives. So they get the great idea to join our community and enjoy our lifestyle. But rarely do our newcomers think ahead to what it will be like for their dog! Our canine companions have the common need of shelter, but they also have special concerns their humans should also think about such as recreation and how the desert and it’s temperature can affect your four-legged friends.

Yes, it is hot in Arizona. We’ve mastered temperatures as high as 125 degrees! As a result, dog owners must be aware and take into consideration the extreme temperatures on canine paws. New homeowners and residents to Arizona should consider where the dog parks are located, what is the terrain of the backyard, where your pup will spend most of the time, and what is it like getting your pup in and out of the car to go to his favorite restaurant or to the veterinarian.

Protect their paws: Owners with active dogs in Phoenix routinely place boots on their dog paws so the pups can join them hiking or out to dinner at a pet friendly restaurant. The boots serve as a protective barrier against the heat of the desert or asphalt as well as any vegetation needles or dangerous bugs. Before you take your pet out on a walk on a hot day-and by hot I mean greater than 80 degrees-step outside in your own bare feet or place your hand on the cement or asphalt and see if you can hold it there for five to ten seconds. The typical rule of thumb is: if you can stand it so can your dog. Don’t be a tough guy on this one, if it’s hot, it’s hot!

Keep pups hydrated: Water is also a key component to our lifestyle. Our canine partners must have plenty of clean, fresh water all day and all night. Naturally, when they are active outside exercising and playing, they will need more water to offset the heat. But your pups must have an extraordinary quantity of water available to them at all times. If you are out and about, be sure to take a couple of extra water bottles and a flexible bowl with you so that you are not searching for water when your dog needs it. We suggest freezing your water bottles so that by the time you need them they have melted and are still cool for consumption.

Carry a flashlight: Believe it or not, many of us play with our dogs well after sundown and even close to the midnight hour. It’s at these times that the glaring sun has gone away and allows us to play at dog parks or go for walks with less concern for heat exhaustion. Be sure to carry a flashlight so you can see obstructions on your walk. Also, be aware of nocturnal critters that roam the streets in the evening hours. It’s important as the human to protect your canine from coyotes or javelina that may be out on the hunt during your walk.

Don’t leave pets in hot cars: Remember, you cannot leave your pets in the car; not even for a moment. Arizona has enacted laws which allow other citizens to break into your car to rescue a trapped animal. So think before you leave them.

Here’s the bottom line; it’s hot year-round in Arizona. We love our pets and the pets of others. So, we pay close attention to their needs. If you have more questions about adjusting to proper pet care in Phoenix or if you’re looking for the perfect Phoenix home for you and your four-legged friend(s) please contact The Voss Team today!

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