Tips for a Smooth Moving Day with Pets

You did it! You searched for what felt like forever, to find a home that suits you and your family and of course, your pet. You had a smooth closing and now moving day is approaching!!

Packing up and moving to a new place is always stressful, but when you own a pet, things can get worse if you’re not careful. As much as you love your fur-baby, they can make things like packing and moving a lot more chaotic then it should be.

Should You Hire Movers?

You can pack up your belongings without a problem, but should you save some money and move things yourself? Or is it better to hire a moving company? While that depends on your fitness and how many possessions you own. Typically, it is worth it to hire movers.

First, movers are experienced carrying heavy objects and trained to do that safely. You can protect yourself from getting hurt by letting others carry everything. Even if you don’t own anything particularly heavy, your body can get injured through the repeated carrying of smaller boxes. Just remember to tell the moving company about your dog and give them any special instructions for when they interact with the pet. Research options in the area; there are several to choose from.

And if your dog starts getting in the way, put some food and toys in a separate room and shut the door. You can also bring your pet to a dog sitter for that day.

Best Time To Move

One often overlooked aspect of moving is picking which day to move. Anytime you pack up your belongings and move to a new home is going to be stressful. If your moving day ends up with bad traffic and moving companies already hired, things are going to get even more stressful.

That’s why you should aim to move on Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays. These are the slowest moving days, so your chances of having a smoother transition go up. (Some moving companies might even have reduced rates for the slow days.)

You also want to move when it’s good for your dog. For example, you’ll need up-to-date shots and prescriptions before you move. By moving when you’ve already taken care of both, you’re less likely to forget something important about your dog when the logistics of moving become too much.

Keeping Your Pet Happy

You’ve hired movers for the right day, and it’s time to move — at least for you. Your dog doesn’t know that moving day is here, and they don’t even know what moving means. To them, their comfortable, old home is just gone, replaced by an unfamiliar place. To help with the transition, I Heart Dogs recommends that you quickly unpack some familiar toys and objects your dog loves. With all the change going on, your dog will appreciate something that hasn’t changed.

But before you even unpack, it’s a good idea to keep your dog in one room at first. Don’t overwhelm your pet with all the different sights and smells throughout your house. Keep those toys and bowls in one room with your dog. Then as your dog relaxes, introduce them to the rest of the house one space at a time.

Have A Smooth Moving Day

While it’s unreasonable to expect a completely relaxing moving day, there are ways dog owners can help make things happen more smoothly. Hire some movers and communicate to them about your dog. Move on a slower day, and slowly introduce the new place to your pet. This way, both of you can feel more comfortable — and that can make moving day much better.

Roberta L. Voss, JD, e-Pro, CNE, SFR, CDPE

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