Top 3 Labor Day Safety Tips

Top 3 Labor Day Safety Tips

Labor Day is synonymous with the end of summer and the long holiday weekend, and is typically packed with celebratory events like backyard barbecues, final excursions to the lake, picnics at the park, and beach parties. But even festive events like these present hazards you should be aware of. Here are the top 3 Labor Day safety tips to keep in mind as you enjoy this federal holiday.

1.) Travel Safe: According to the National Safety Council, nearly 400 deaths result from motor vehicle collisions over Labor Day Weekend. A notorious road-trip weekend, it’s one of the busiest on the road. If you’re planning a weekend excursion make sure you’re well rested, plan for frequent rest stops, and divide driving duties if possible.

2.) Drink Safe: For many, it’s not a party ‘til alcohol is involved. But because drinking impacts your decision making, coordination, reaction time and vision, you may become more vulnerable to accidents and hazards. If you plan on consuming alcohol, setting a limit on how much you will consume. And as always, please don’t drink and drive. Arrange for someone to help you get home if you drink more than planned.

3.) Sun Safely: Just because Labor Day signifies the unofficial end of summer, doesn’t mean the sun isn’t still raging, especially in Arizona! If you plan to be outdoors barbequeing, boating or enjoying any other outdoor pleasures, please remember to use sunscreen and stay hydrated with water.

Remember, just because you’re taking a vacation doesn’t mean you need to take a vacation from safety too. Keep these top 3 Labor Day safety tips in mind and have a safe and Happy Labor Day weekend!

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